Potential investor contact details and other useful sites

  • Timber Companies

    AKD Softwoods

    AKD Softwoods is a 100% Australian owned and operated integrated forestry and timber processing company with operations in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. AKD’s head office is in Colac, Victoria where it was founded in 1955. The AKD team is committed to growth through investing in long-term sustainable assets and building strong relationships with customers and suppliers.

    Contact: Neil Harris (Resources Manager)

    Phone: +61 03 5231 9100

    7 – 15 Forest Street, Colac 3250

    Area of operation: all of Victoria

    Midway Limited


    Founded in 1980, Midway is involved in the production and export of high quality woodfibre. Midway’s primary business is the purchasing, processing, marketing and exporting of woodfibre. With locations in Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania and the Northern Territory Midway’s operating environment consists of plantation and land ownership, the procurement of timber resources within Australia, processing, materials handling and exporting of woodfibre, and the international woodfibre market.

    Contact:              Tom Jordan

    Phone                   03 5277 9255


    Area of operation in Victoria: 250 km radius of Geelong

    HVP Plantations     

    Melbourne-based HVP is one of Australia’s largest private timber plantation companies. HVP’s mission is to manage the plantation estate in a safe and sustainable way to optimise the return to our investors, whilst balancing the needs of our employees, customers and local communities. HVP Plantations estate is situated across areas of southern Victoria, extending from Gippsland in the east to the border with South Australia in the west and large plantations in the north east of the state.

    Contact: Tony O'Hara, General Manager Forest Resources

    World Trade Centre, Level 12, Tower 4,

    18-38 Siddeley Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3005


    Phone: +61 03 9289 1415 

  • Carbon brokers

    Climate Friendly

    Climate Friendly’s vision is for a productive, sustainable land sector that contributes to a zero net emission Australia by 2050. Our purpose is to reduce Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions by 20 million tonnes by 2020, scaling up to 100 million tonnes by 2025. Climate Friendly manages around one fifth of all projects registered under the national Carbon Farming Initiative.

    Contact: Nigel Miller

    Plantation Projects

    Phone: +61 1800 233 276


    Area of operation: All of Australia

  • Timber brokers/forestry management/independent advice


    Devtree is a company that specialises in forest management advice and the provision of marketing and harvest services. Established in 1995 Devtree services the Gippsland region.

    Contact: Peter Devonshire RPF,  Principal Devtree Pty Ltd

    133 Prosper Valley Road, Budgeree Victoria 3870


    Phone: +61 428346711

    Area of operation: Gippsland region

    Farm Forestry Services

    Farm Forestry Services specialises in helping landowners and plantation owners to establish and manage their plantations.

    Forest Strategy Pty Ltd

    Forest Strategy Pty Ltd is a company providing consultancy services to the forestry industries.

    Principal Consultant: Gary Featherston

    Phone: +61 03 5341 3982

    Area of operation: All of Victoria

    PF Olsen

    PF Olsen Australia is an independent forestry and agribusiness service provider. 

    We have the skills and capacity to undertake all aspects of management for:

      • softwood plantations
      • hardwood plantations (short and long term rotation)
      • native forests
      • carbon and conservation forests
      • farm forestry and small holding group schemes

    Our commitment to the highest standards of safety, quality and environmental management is demonstrated through the formal certification of our systems.  We take the risk out of managing operations by directly engaging, supervising and managing contractors through our own tried and tested contractual arrangements. This allows the client to take advantage of our scale, efficiencies and expertise to ensure the best and most cost-effective forest management outcome which generates value for all parties.

    PF Olsen operates in:

      • Gippsland
      • Green Triangle including Kangaroo Island
      • South West WA
      • Tasmania
      • Southern NSW

    Contact:  Sara Gipton, Business Service Development & Special Projects Manager,

    Location:  6/50 Upper Heidelberg Road, Ivanhoe, Victoria, 3079

    Toll Free Number: 1800 054 659


  • Catchment Management Authorities

    In Victoria Catchment Management Authorities (CMAs) work with regional communities and other management partners to coordinate the management of land, water and biodiversity resources.  CMA activities include maintaining or improving the quality of water resources and the condition of waterways, preventing or reversing land degradation, and conserving, protecting and building the resilience of natural ecosystems.

    Victoria is divided into 10 catchment and land protection regions. Click here for more information about the Victoria’s Catchment Management Framework, and to find your catchment region and CMA contact details.

    Corangamite Catchment Management Authority

    64 Dennis Street, Colac, Victoria, 3250

    T: +613 5232 9100



    The Corangamite NRM Planning Portal is an online mapping tool to help identify local and regional priorities for catchment management in the Corangamite Catchment Management Authority region. Other resources, web portals and related initiatives for the Corangamite region are available at the Corangamite CMA Knowledge Base.

  • Environmental Non-Government Organisations (ENGOs)


    Greenfleet is a leading not-for-profit environmental organisation on a mission to protect our climate by restoring our forests. Greenfleet plants native biodiverse forests to offset carbon emissions on behalf of individuals and business to help fight the impacts of climate change. Greenfleet forests address critical deforestation, capture carbon emissions to protect our climate, reduce soil erosion, improve water quality and restore habitat for wildlife, including many endangered species.

    Contact: Eoghan O’Connor | Land Strategy Manager

    Level 4, 517 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

    Telephone:  +613 9642 0570


    Area of operation: All of Australia

    Greening Australia

    Greening Australia works with landholders and partners to create Australia’s biggest carbon sink and establish one million hectares of habitat across southern Australia.  To help threatened plants and wildlife, and combat global climate change, Greening Australia works to integrate large-scale re-afforestation and carbon sinks into farming systems to create healthy, productive landscapes for people and nature.

  • Other useful sites and contacts

    Forest and Wood Products Australia  

    Forest and Wood Products Australia Limited (FWPA) is a not-for-profit company that provides national, integrated research and development services to the Australian forest and wood products industry. FWPA is committed to helping the forest and wood products industry to be collaborative, innovative, sustainable and competitive against other industries and products available in the marketplace.

    Level 11, 10-16 Queen Street, Melbourne VIC 3000 Australia

    Phone: +61 3 9927 3200



    Australian Forest Growers

    The Australian Forest Growers (AFG) is the national association representing private forestry and commercial tree growing interests in Australia.

    Otway Agroforestry Network Ltd

    The Otway Agroforestry Network (Ltd) is a landcare group that encourages farmers to establish and manage trees for the reasons that matter to them. Landholders in our region want trees on their farms to shelter farm stock and crops; control soil erosion and dryland salinity; enhance their property values; and, where possible, generate alternative sources of income.

    Gippsland Agroforestry Network

    The Gippsland Agroforestry Network (GAN) is a sub-group of the Latrobe Catchment Landcare Network. GAN is a Special Interest sub-group of people interested in producing, converting and marketing farm-grown timber. GAN is associated with Australian Forest Growers, a national body representing productive tree growing and based in Canberra. There is a wide skill base represented by the members.

    Biorich Plantations

    Biorich plantations mimic nature to integrate conservation and production. A biorich plantation bridges the gap between environmental plantings for habitat and farm forestry for landholder use and profit.  Established in 2010 as a demonstration site by Ballarat Region Treegrowers, the 15ha Lal Lal biorich plantation site has a biodiverse core replicating the original natural forest with species diversity of over 40 plants and five structural layers as once found in swamp woodland at Lal Lal, south-west of Ballarat.

    Victorian Association of Forest Industries Inc. (VAFI) 

    The Victorian Association of Forest Industries Inc. (VAFI) is the peak body for the Victorian timber and forestry industry. The industry in Victoria is a dynamic sector of the economy that uses wood – a renewable , biodegradable and recyclable product – to create materials for new homes, buildings and furniture, paper and fuel for green energy.

    VAFI represents the entire cycle of timber and forestry products, including forest growers and managers, harvest and haulage businesses, wood and paper processors, and associated businesses across both the native forest and plantations sectors.

    GPO Box 4320, Melbourne, VIC 3001

    Phone: +61 3 9611 9000



    Private Forests Tasmania

    Private Forests Tasmania (PFT) is a government authority with a legislated role to facilitate and expand the development of our private forest resource in a manner which is consistent with sound forest and land management practices. PFT is the only government-funded authority established in Australia to specifically promote, foster and assist the private forestry sector on forestry matters. This is done mainly through providing information and advice to private growers and their markets, through research, innovation and planning tools, and by providing practical policy advice to the Tasmanian and Australian governments that represents the interests of private forest growers.

    Australia’s Carbon Marketplace

    Australia’s Carbon Marketplace is an initiative of the Carbon Market Institute with support from the Australian Government Department of the Environment and Energy, which maintains the National Carbon Offset Standard and the Carbon Neutral Program.

    The Carbon Marketplace portal is designed to complement existing market resources and is a central platform for individuals, businesses and anyone interested in understanding more about carbon market dynamics, carbon neutrality and offsetting, and the development of Australia’s carbon farming industry (and carbon credit creation potential). It aims to provide a complete overview of the journey towards net-zero – with a focus on carbon neutrality and the offsetting process.

    Australian Agroforestry Foundation

    The Australian Agroforestry Foundation (AAF) is a not-for-profit organisation committed to providing education and extension support to help farmers, and those that work with them, develop and sustain 'forests' within the Australian agricultural landscape that reflect their interests and aspirations.

    New Zealand Farm Forestry Website

    A website for those with small forestry blocks – farmers, foresters, investors, growers, managers. NZFFA are a network of tree growers each practicing sustainable land management in rural New Zealand. This website provides a growing library of information on all aspects of farm forestry. General information is available to all visitors but some detailed and membership-specific information is reserved for members of the Association.

    Farm Forestry’s Role

    This booklet published by the Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry provides a guide to the benefits of farm forestry as a natural resource management (NRM) tool, and outlines how regional NRM groups can maximise the potential of farm forestry.

    Whole farm planning

    Whole Farm Planning (WFP) is a process of planning, property design and management based on natural resources and economic factors.  WFP focuses on all of the farm assets (physical and nonphysical) over a long period of time (perhaps several generations). WFP covers the knowledge and skills to be able to plan a sub-division, irrigation layouts, assess land capability and potential of a farm.

    Victorian Environmental Water Holder (VEWH)

    The VEWH is an independent statutory body responsible for holding and managing Victoria's environmental water entitlements.  VEWH work with catchment management authorities and Melbourne Water to ensure environmental water entitlements are used to achieve the best environmental outcomes with the water that is available.