Why use the platform?

Landowners in Victoria can use the Trees on Farms platform to find out about the potential of their land for growing trees for timber, biodiversity, and carbon storage.

Landowners can also use the platform to register their property if they would like to make contact with investors wanting to invest in trees on their land.

Potential investors include Catchment Management Authorities, not-for-profit organisations such as Greening Australia and Greenfleet, forest industries, farm forestry initiatives, carbon brokers and Landcare groups.

If you choose to register your property you can indicate what reasons for planting trees are important to you, whether it is to obtain income from carbon or timber production, planting trees for shade and shelter, as windbreaks for crops, to revegetate waterways, to stabilise soil erosion or control salinity, to provide habitat and improve biodiversity, or to provide other farm benefits.

Registering and showing your reasons for wanting to plant trees helps connect you with investors who share similar objectives and who would like to create tree growing partnerships with you, whether for conservation or for profit.

Start using the Trees on Farms platform

Please note: This Trees on Farms platform is a prototype. The prototype version provides a broad indication of the potential of land in south east and south west Victoria for planting trees for different reasons. For more specific advice landowners should contact the relevant organisations listed in ‘Contacts‘. The assessment may change as better information becomes available.

It is anticipated the area covered by the platform will be expanded in future versions of the platform.